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Guillermo Nogueira and Associates Customs Broker.


“More than 20 years serving the Region, and more than 90 years of Experience.”

Established in 1992 in Mexicali, the Guillermo Nogueira and Associates Customs Brokers Firm, a leader in Customs Brokerage Services, Consulting in Foreign Trade, and particularly in providing services to companies with an IMMEX program, as well as what we call Heavy Industries, or Infrastructure Projects.

Our enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals has been characterized in the industry for their ability to propose and develop specific projects to our Customers.

In Nogueira we strive every day to be the best Solution in foreign trade Services, by satisfying the demands and needs of our customers with the maximum efficiency, deliverance, and dedication, by minimizing the margin of errors though the constant improvement, training programs, as well as the development and application of new formulas of Information Technologies.


1992 The Acquisition for CSC of the first authorization of the Second Rule of the Interpretation of the HTS Tariff in the country, as well as authorization for freight transit and the in house customs dispatch of the Plant.
1996 Direct participation in the initiative of the Mexican Customs Law.
2000 The Exporter’s Merit Award of Baja California.
2000 Counsel to the MX Customs Commissioner for the implementation of Article 303 of NAFTA.
2002 Obtaining the first Maquiladora authorization in Mexico and PROSEC for the Generation of Electrical Power.
2009 The importation of the "La Rumorosa I", the First Wind Farm in the Northwest and the second at national level.
2013 BASC Certified No. MEXMEX00034-1-3.
2015 Microsoft Certification M100.
2016 Authorized Mexican customs brokers for ATA Carnet.
2016 NEEC Certification in process.


  1. ü Two Customs Brokers Licenses.
  2. ü No major issue at the Port in 24 years.
  3. ü Less than 4% of MX Customs Inspections.
  4. ü Customs Brokerage:
  • Specialized services for IMMEX companies.
  • Tax Credits litigation of Customs Fines.
  • Compliance Inspection.
  • Trading Company Services.
  • IMMEX Program under Services modality (VMI).
  • Security and Confidentiality.
  • Customer engineered services through Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).
  • Special Procedures for the delivery of export documents in plant.
  • In-house staffing.

ü Consulting, Advising and Logistics:

  • Electronic Newsletters (Noticoms).
  • Outsourcing and supervising.
  • Preventive Audits in Foreign Trade. 
  • Foreign Trade Workshops and seminars.
  • Obtaining Permits and Certifications.
  • Advise and technical support in Foreign Trade audits practiced by the Authority.

ü Firm with more operations in Mexicali.

ü Offices in most important Customs Ports in the Northwest border. (Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada and San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora)

ü We are the only firm in Mexicali with our own Export Office (ModEx).

ü Solid Infrastructure.

ü IT Department.

ü Contingency Plans.

ü Social Responsibility.

If you would like additional information, please contact us at:  Lic. Oscar Brizuela,

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