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IVEMSA, the premier shelter operator in Mexico, has allied and is a partner with IRON USA LLC, to offer shelter services in Mexico.   IVEMSA offers a series of shelter environments, including a full shelter operation, incubator operations, and full maquiladora stand-alone setups.

IVEMSA has a storied presence in this region, in Mexicali and Tijuana, but also offers shelter services in other parts of Mexico as well.   IVEMSA is a highly professional organization, and offers a true value-added element with businesses wishing to establish in Mexico.

For a complete detail on IVEMSA and the services they provide, please follow the link:  WWW.IVEMSA.COM.

What is a Shelter Operation?

A shelter allows firms to fully control their own production and quality, to benefit from the experience of an organization that knows the local market, and which eliminates the need to make sizeable investments in physical and human assets is the manufacturing

Working through a shelter service provider, foreign-based manufacturers are able to initiate operations quickly without actually establishing a legal presence in Mexico. They are in Mexico as a department or subsidiary of their chosen shelter service provider. In essence, firms opting to use this vehicle are “sheltered” from many of the risks and liabilities that normally affect firms that choose to incorporate directly. Under the typical shelter arrangement, manufacturers send machinery & equipment, raw materials and supervisory personnel to train and manage workers, while the shelter service provider performs the tasks and functions that are not “core” to the manufacturing process. The manufacturer controls those areas that affect profitability and sustained growth. Shelter service providers typically offer their clients services in some or all of the following areas: human resources, payroll and benefits administration, logistics, import/export operations, accounting, taxation, legal, risk management, plant and park management, procurement, environmental, customs compliance, and real estate leasing. Those shelter services provide for the perfect match of offshore operational knowledge and manufacturing expertise... the technical support capabilities of the shelter service provider and the product manufacturing talents of its client(s).

A company can pick and choose which shelter environment they wish to work under, whether a full shelter program, or selected services only.

This is a value-added outsourcing arrangement in that it gives manufacturers a means by which to greater leverage core competencies and intellectual assets. An organization that does this becomes more nimble, and experiences faster and higher levels of innovation. Additionally this arrangement is attractive to firms seeking to pursue strategies of leveraged growth. As a manufacturer expands under a shelter arrangement, they absorb only a portion of the additional overhead that an expansion of activities requires.